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Groupon Acquired by Google?

There have been rumors for weeks now that Google has been in talks to purchase popular “group buying” website Groupon. In fact, earlier this year, Yahoo is said to have made an attempt to purchase the immensely popular deals site for an unconfirmed $2-3 billion dollars. Though its estimated value is around $1 billion (bringing in about $50 million per month in revenue), Google is believed to have purchased Groupon for $2.5 billion.

Recently, Groupon has seen a huge increase in the number of competitors seeking to “clone” its business model. An acquisition by Google may help protect them from the frenzy; however, that said, just because Google is behind the helm, future success isn’t guaranteed. The Groupon model is so simple that big names, like Walmart and Amazon, have already jumped into the game, offering similar group buying models of their own, but where the giants typically offer nationally brands, Groupon focuses on group buying power at the local level… which is why a Groupon acquisition by Google certainly matters to a local search engine optimization company like bPUBLIC.com!

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